Saturday, December 9, 2023

How do I know if I need cat eye glasses? 7 signs that will tell you


We know, it’s hard for you to take the step and use eye glasses such as cat eye glasses. But be careful, if you really need them, there are designs that you never thought would look so, so good on you. Do you dare to wear opticians? Follow this guide.

Check out the below 7 signs that indicate that you need optical cat eye glasses:

  1. Headache: 

Although the cause of headaches can be due to multiple factors, do not rule out the sight item, especially if the pain is frequent in the temples and in the forehead area. This sign tells us of overexertion of the eyes. Be careful with the type of pain and its intensity before a reading activity or work in front of the computer. You need to rest your eyes.

  1. Loss of visual acuity: 

We know that talking about the visual system is extremely important, especially after the age of 40 or even before. Loss of visual acuity can occur when reading, looking at your cell phone, working on your computer, or viewing billboards or signs while driving. You then need a complete eye exam.

  1. Blurred vision: 

Does it happen to you that you see blurry letters up close or that you have a hard time focusing on tasks as simple as threading a needle? Pay attention that your body is communicating to you that you do not have a clear vision and you are making an extreme visual effort.

  1. Squinting: 

If you do it constantly unconsciously, we have a problem, because by generating this instantaneous act it means that you try to get less light into your eyes to see better and in the long term you could even have strabismus.

  1. Eyestrain and dizziness: 

Do your eyes look red or do you have a constant burning sensation? Perhaps you suffer from eye fatigue or ocular migraine due to the extra effort you make to see better. Tired eyesight or blurred vision are clear indications that you need glasses. Talk to your ophthalmologist and also consult about intraocular pressure.

  1. Stretch or shrink your arm when reading: 

Be careful with this fact, because in some cases, in order to better focus the letters, people can unconsciously move their arms to move the book closer or further away.

  1. Need for light: 

If you sometimes feel that your eyes need more light than before to see details of objects in your daily life or simply in the act of reading, you are a good candidate to buy glasses like cateye glasses.

If you have any of these experiences, remember to always go to a professional who will evaluate what you really need for your visual health. Surely, they will take a visual exam with an optician-optometrist to confirm your diagnosis and see what is the best treatment in your case: contact lenses, prescription frames for example cat eye glasses frames, or visual therapy exercises.

What to consider before buying cat eye glasses?

Frequency of use: How constant will the use of your lenses be? Determine the price versus quality when purchasing your new model.

Utility: Your routine will help determine the characteristics of the lenses you need, that is, if you perform a strong daily routine, you should use lenses with greater durability.

Style: The frames must accompany what you want to project.

Morphology: To choose the perfect frame, take into account the shape of your face, the tone of your skin, and the size of your eyes.

What glasses to use according to the shape of your face?

Until a few years ago, wearing optical glasses was not the most stylish and there was not much variety either, rather the offer was scarce and the models were far from being trendy. Today everything is different: there are different types of frames like cat eye frames for all tastes and styles. They can even be part of gift ideas for dad. And, best of all, they are perfect for taking care of the health of your eyes. But, which one to use according to the shape of your face, we leave you some ideas to make your purchase much smarter.

Round face glasses: Look for a pair of glasses with striking details, wider than tall with a thin or transparent bridge to contrast the natural curves of your face, and achieve a visual game where your face looks slimmer and longer.

Oval Face Lenses: Select lenses slightly wider than the widest part of your face with fun shapes, colors, and textures.

Square face glasses: Look for round or oval lenses to soften your face and lengthen it. ideal with thin frames and neutral colors.