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Q&A with Aaron Saunders, VP at Boston Dynamics, on teaching robots to dance and how that informs the company’s approach to robotics for commercial applications (Evan Ackerman/IEEE Spectrum)

Evan Ackerman / IEEE Spectrum:Q&A with Aaron Saunders, VP at Boston Dynamics, on teaching robots to dance and how that informs the company’s approach to robotics for commercial applicationsA week ago, Boston Dynamics posted a video of Atlas, Spot, and Handle dancing to Do You Love Me.
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Boston Dynamics is a business that has actually recorded the creative imagination of people all over the world with their amazing robots. From dancing humanoid devices to four-legged robo-dogs, each creation pushes the borders of what we understand concerning robotics as well as artificial intelligence. But how do they make it all occur? In our most recent article, we take a seat for an exclusive QA session with Boston Dynamics VP Aaron Saunders to get some understandings into how this incredible technology is created as well as what amazing growths lie ahead. So distort up as well as get ready to dive deep into the world of sophisticated robotics!

What is Boston Characteristics?
Boston Dynamics is an American robotics business founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert as well as outgrown the Massachusetts Institute of Modern technology’s Leg Laboratory. Boston Dynamics is best understood for the development of BigDog, a quadruped robot designed for the US military with financing from DARPA. Boston Dynamics is now part of Google’s Alphabet Inc

. In December 2013, Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google X, the search titan’s research and development lab, for an unrevealed amount. At the time, Google claimed it was “eagerly anticipating collaborating with [Boston Dynamics] on essential obstacles like decreasing power usage and also boosting wheelchair and also robot freedom.”

What is the function of QA at Boston Dynamics?
As the Vice Head Of State of Quality Assurance at Boston Characteristics, Aaron Saunders is accountable for making certain that the firm’s products meet all applicable high quality criteria. This includes managing the advancement and application of quality assurance procedures, screening products to ensure they meet specs, and also working with providers to make certain that resources fulfill quality requirements. In addition, Saunders is in charge of taking care of consumer responses as well as working with the engineering group to settle any quality issues that may arise.

Aaron Saunders’ experience with QA at Boston Dynamics
Aaron Saunders is the Vice Head Of State of Quality Assurance at Boston Characteristics He has more than 20 years of experience in QA and also has actually dealt with some of the largest names in the industry. In his duty at Boston Dynamics, he is responsible for making certain that the business’s items meet client expectations as well as abide by regulatory needs.

He has actually seen direct how QA can make or break a firm. When succeeded, it can aid make sure that items are delivered in a timely manner and satisfy high quality requirements. Nevertheless, when done badly, it can cause hold-ups and flaws that can be pricey to repair.

Saunders thinks that QA is critical to the success of any type of organization, but especially so for firms like Boston Characteristics that are regularly forging ahead with brand-new modern technologies. He is constantly looking for ways to enhance the QA process at Boston Characteristics, as well as he is constantly functioning to guarantee that the firm’s products meet the highest standards.

The future of QA at Boston Characteristics.
The future of QA at Boston Characteristics is in great hands. With new VP Aaron Saunders at the helm, the company is concentrated on continuing to generate top quality items that satisfy or surpass client expectations. In addition, Boston Dynamics is devoted to continuous renovation in all areas of their business, including QA. Because of this, we can expect to see even much better quality products from Boston Dynamics in the future.

Final thought
Aaron Saunders, VP of Boston Dynamics, has supplied vital insight on the state of robotics as well as automation. His meeting with IEEE Spectrum is a testimony to the great work that his team has performed in advancing robot innovation for industrial and also customer applications. With Boston Characteristics going to the forefront of this technology change, it’s clear that robotics will continue to form our lives for several years to find. We eagerly anticipate seeing what brand-new innovations are exposed as we move into this amazing new era!