Thursday, December 7, 2023

Want Loft Space Storage? However, Your Builder/Developer Recommend You Don’t?

Do you have a brand-new constructed residence?

Want loft panel installation; however, your builder/developer suggests you don’t?

Need to know why they advise you don’t obtain your loft boarded?

This is extremely common nowadays that basically all developers/builders of brand-new residences do not recommend you board your loft space.

So why won’t they advise boarding out your loft space?

The solution to this is twofold. First of all, they do not want to suggest any products, tradespersons, or service providers simply because points fail; they don’t wish to resurgence.

This I can understand as they can not ensure these tradespersons will certainly be trusted even if others have used them in the past, so they leave it to you to find your tradesmen/services.

I advise you to use a Safe Trader system, typically run by your regional council by trading criteria that have a checklist of trustworthy tradespersons in your location.

The second reason they don’t desire you to board your raised loft flooring system that there is a great deal of insulation in brand-new builds, and also its extremely high, so they assume to board a loft space, the insulation would certainly have to be gotten rid of or even worse still squashed.

Regrettably, this can be the situation with a cowboy building contractor or DIYer who does not know structure guidelines or good structure techniques.

What these people didn’t understand is exactly how to mount a secure solid sustaining sub-frame to hold the boarding and storage space weight.

They made use of it to eliminate the loft space insulation and throw in the eaves, or worse still, and they would squash it down a lot; it popped the plasterboard corrections and later triggered moist and mold concerns.

So, as a result of all this returned on the home builders/ developers over the years, they have decided not to recommend using your loft for storage.

However . There is currently a way to security board your loft for storage even if you have high insulation degrees without needing to remove it or squash it down.

There is a system called Loft zone increased loft space flooring. This permits a basic but extremely distinct elevated platform to be developed above the insulation levels of up to 300mm, with no compromise to the existing insulation.

The carbon trust supports this system; it’s power-efficient and is made in the UK. It’s won several awards consisting of the year’s invention at the Perfect House Exhibit.

So currently, you understand there is a product to board a loft space in a brand-new construct house, why will not the designers use it? The problem is that the builders/developers still have their blinkers on, and although some are beginning to see the light, they still will not advise boarding your loft for storage space for no other reason than negative boarding in the past.

This new system has been introduced in the marketplace and is skillfully set up by factory-accepted and accredited installers. Things will transform.

Oh yes, although the builders/developers will never suggest a profession, however, having your loft space boarded expertly they can not differ with as it is all done to a code of the method, is secure and does not influence the loft insulation, cause condensation or compromise your ceiling or roof covering.

Done skillfully, you can obtain storage space in your brand-new home without anxiety of it being performed in the wrong way or some inadequate do-it-yourself task someone might bill you for.