Friday, December 8, 2023

What Is an Industrial Shredder? Its Types & Benefits!

Recycling has become a mandate in every industry. The people, as well as the government, are taking steps towards sustainability. Drives are one of the primary areas that require new steps towards sustainability to get sustainably rid of industrial waste.

There is a pile of waste in every sector that needs a direction for disposal. Shredding is one of the viable solutions for getting rid of industrial waste in bulk.

What is an Industrial Shredder?

An industrial shredder is a heavy-duty equipment employed to break down materials used in the industry into smaller parts for recycling. The primary purpose is to repurpose the waste into meaningful input for different manufacturing processes.

A hydraulic pusher plate, and a filter screen to ensure shredding at a measured size. It is used to shred materials such as plastic, wood, rubber, wood waste, cardboard, etc.

Double shaft shredder

It is also known as a twin shaft shredder, and the machine has dual shaft shearing shredders. The blades on the two shafts rotate to cut down a large volume of the input stock into smaller pieces. In addition, double shaft shredders rotate at a fixed speed to minimize the dust generated while shredding.

Tire Grinding Machine in the three-shaft shredder, each rotating at a different speed. They are mostly used to shred hospital waste, hazardous waste, food material, aluminum, and metals.

It contains four shearing rolls with blades of different sizes. Therefore, pre-shredding and secondary shredding can be carried out to increase production efficiency. In addition, the output can be segregated into various sizes.

These grinders break down the input materials into small pieces using abrasives. The output comes down to half-inch or less than that. There are tub grinders and horizontal grinders where the former is top leading, and the latter has a conveyer belt.


The input material is turned into granules to be repurposed in manufacturing material. Then, the electric motor runs the rotor with blades that cut down the input material into reusable granules.

They have a rotating drum with blades on it. As the drum rotates, it breaks down the input material. It is used to shred wood shavings, plastics, and newspapers

As the name suggests, the slitter is used to cut large rolls of input material into narrow and thinner rolls. They cut down the rolls in width. They are of two types – slitter rewinders and roll slitters used based on application and material.

  1. Cost efficiency

Industrial waste is recycled and reused using industrial shredders. This reduces the wastage of materials and saves a lot of money. It can be used to run recycling programs that keep on costly recycling. The recycled material is reused as input material for the manufacturing process, reducing the cost of purchasing new manufacturing material.

  1. Positive impact on the environment

They can be used to abide by the laws made for waste management and carbon footprint. Less waste production reduces the carbon footprint. Industrial shredders have also replaced the conventional methods for recycling materials where they were burnt, emitting toxic gases in nature.

  1. Public relations

The growing inclination towards sustainability has compelled every company to adopt sustainable infrastructure. Using industrial shredders can be a great way to achieve sustainability. As a result, companies can market themselves as a responsible and aware conclave, improving their market image.


Industrial shredders are necessary machinery for every company that wishes to enhance its efficiency sustainably. They help enterprises become independent in managing their waste management. Amid the growing environmental concerns, industrial shredders have become necessary equipment for every company in the industrial sector.