Thursday, April 18, 2024

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Update 3.1?

For over 7 years, PUBG Mobile has been resonating in the gaming community. There is something special about this game that contributes to its longevity — its gameplay, maps, and the game as a whole, which are enhanced with every update.

Many players have taken notice of the recently announced feature in the PUBG Mobile 3.1 update. This article will inform you of the latest features and additions, which will undoubtedly improve your gameplay experience.

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Sky High Spectacle Mode

In the new PUBG Mobile update, the Sky High Spectacle Mode is now available in the following maps: Miramar, Erangle, and Livik. You can enjoy playing this mode in either ranked or normal mode, which will last until the 5th of May.

Nimbus Island

Yes, you heard it right! Nimbus Island of PUBG Mobile is back, and it’s probably the highlight of the 3.1 update. There will be two Nimbus islands, which are located in the north and south parts of the map, and each of them is in night or day mode.

Nimbus Island of PUBGM will be the hotspot of the map as well; therefore, expect that when you drop your parachute there, you will encounter a lot of players and experience chaos and gunfights everywhere. This isn’t a good place to loot, though, but if you want thrills and early matches, it’s a good place to go.

New Items

On Nimbus Island, you will be able to find loot crates everywhere, ranging from levels 1–3. There are also new items that were released, such as the groove grenade that, instead of causing an explosion, makes the player dance within its radius for a few seconds, giving you an opportunity to shut down your enemies in PUBG Mobile.

Another item is the portal staff—it opens a portal where you can teleport back and forth. This is a good strategy to escape and ambush enemies. However, you have to utilize the portal immediately, as it only lasts for a few seconds.

The next item is the flying carpet, which adds an Aladdin vibe to the PUBGM. It has 2 modes: the first is the default mode, where you can travel close to the ground at 70 mph, and the second is a high-flying mode that brings you close to the sky and grants you the ability to travel faster around the map.

Magic Lamp

In the center of Nimbus Island of PUBG Mobile, you will find a magic lamp where a genie appears after 4-5 minutes of activation. Once activated, it will give you top-tier items and a genie respawn card that grants you the chance to be respawned for the third time.

Aside from that, the genie will also give you a P90 equipped with fixed attachments. This semi-automatic machine gun is good for short-range ambushes, but you must carefully utilize its ammo since it’s only limited to 200.

Festival Town

On the map of PUBGM, there are three festival towns that offer decent loot. But the highlight of these places is the vaults that contain high-tier items, which could be unlocked by finding keys. Once you enter the vault, you can see loot and portals inside, which will lead you to random places on the map.

Anniversary Celebration Areas

This is a place dedicated to the anniversary of the PUBGM, and you can find them on the map as a birthday cake icon. You can pop the balloons to get some loot. What a treat!


That’s everything so far for the PUBG Mobile update 3.1. PUBG, despite being an old game still keeps players coming back for more. Thanks to these updates and patches, things remain fresh and the gameplay experience is always evolving.

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