Monday, September 25, 2023

YouTube to Mp4 converter VS YouTube video downloader- which one to choose

Since that day, YouTube has become important in online scenarios. YouTube will have over a billion users in 2022. YouTube is an online business platform where you watch entertaining content made by youtube’s creators. Content can be deleted by youtube or the creator. Therefore converting and downloading desired content is possible.

But in the end, we all have only one question, i.e., which one is better to use? Which one gives better quality output and is easy to use? Is it a youtube to mp4 converter or a youtube video downloader?

Why is youtube to mp4 good?

Let us look into an imaginary situation. There is a person, Rajesh. He used to show his staff business-related explainer videos on YouTube to train them on how to work and give the best output. One day, he hears that the one he used to follow whose video will delete their YouTube account. During this time, Rajesh will want to download all their content before its erased forever.

This is the reason why anyone will want to download their desired video (educational or entertainment, etc.)  from youtube to mp4. Any online content can get deleted anytime without you even knowing when it happened. It can happen due to the creator, or they may have violated any terms of services of YouTube. Sometimes, a youtube video can be really helpful for you (business, studies, entertainment, cooking, evidence, etc.). Downloading and using it is the only option for you.

YouTube to Mp4 – converting and downloading youtube videos, free?

Does it depend on what you use for converting youtube to mp4 videos? You will use mediator websites or software to convert youtube to mp4 and a youtube video downloader to download them. But if you dont want to get banned on YouTube (temporarily or permanently), then you shouldn’t use any of these sites or software.

Throughout this article, we will share with you all the details on how you can download videos from youtube and convert youtube to mp4 through various sites and software for free, and some of them are paid (monthly/yearly subscription). And we will also discuss which one is better, a youtube to mp4 converter or a youtube video downloader.

How to convert YouTube to Mp4 and download it

Following are the steps to convert youtube to mp4 videos and download them.

  • Firstly, make sure you want to do it as we discussed earlier that downloading or converting YouTube videos is against its terms of service.

YouTube never take legal action by themselves against anyone for converting and downloading their videos. They simply ban the user permanently or suspend their account for a certain time.

  • The second step is to download a youtube video downloader(free or with a subscription, if you want) or go to a youtube to mp4 converter website to download your desired video.
  • Step three is to follow the software’s process to download the video because you cannot download a video directly from YouTube.

And if you are using a youtube to mp4 converter website, copy the video URL and paste it into the website link pasting area. Convert it to your desired resolution and size, then click on the download button.

  • Another reminder is that downloading and converting or broadcasting other’s content is illegal, and you may be punished for doing so. You can also extract audio from a video with YTmp3. Using someone’s content for personal use (without making any profit) will still be acceptable, but if you try to monetize it, you will get a copyright claim and may get banned permanently.

YouTube to Mp4 Vs. YouTube Video Downloader

When you are going for a youtube video download, you will see many options available to download it. Some of them will be a youtube video downloader, and some will be youtube to mp4 converters. But if you download it for the first time, you will not be able to distinguish between them.

A youtube video downloader does the same as its name suggests. It mainly focuses on downloading videos from YouTube’s content server to your PC or Mobile. Generally, a downloader gives you many video sizes and quality. You can select 720p or 1080p; for smaller sizes and quality, select 144p or 360p.

A youtube to mp4 converter will offer more options for downloading a YouTube video. You can transfer video directly to external storage. Extract only audio and download it. Youtube to mp4 converter also provides HD and low-resolution video options. If anything is missing in the downloader, you will get in the converter for youtube videos.


Now you can select the one which you need. But we do not support illegal work. This article is just to provide information. We dont recommend you use a youtube to mp4 converter or a youtube video downloader because it’s against YouTube’s Terms of Service.